Turn your 404 Errors into sales

Now Available on Shopify

74% of lost visitors give up, leave and don't come back. NotFoundBot will help them find their way with AI-powered redirection and assistance.

This App Makes You Money

Last month, the average online store using NotFoundBot had an incredible 275% return on investment!

404 Analytics & More

NotFoundBot provides you with several great features to help you recover lost sales.

404 Tracking
NotFoundBot will automatically track 404s on your site at no cost and give you analytics. Something that isn't natively supported by Shopify or Google Analytics.
NotFoundBot will automatically redirect visitors when we find a high confidence match. The visitor won't even know they got an error.
Assisted Redirects
When NotFoundBot can't find a high confidence match, we will provide the visitor with helpful suggestions. We call these assisted redirects.
AI Chat Guidance
When we give suggestions to visitors, they will also be able to ask questions in order to find what they are looking for in case the suggestions aren't quite what they're looking for.

Embedded in Shopify

Get access to helpful reports that show you recent 404s, automatic redirects, assisted redirects and more.

Check your installation status, indexing status and usage.

Fix 404s permanently with a single click. Coming Soon

All without ever leaving your Shopify admin dashboard.

NotFoundBot Dashboard Screenshot

Flexible Pricing

NotFoundBot provides flexible pricing to fit your site's needs.

Not on Shopify?

We will be expanding NotFoundBot to other e-commerce tools and adding drop-in support for any website in the future.