Go Fast Don't Die Case Study

Case Study

Go Fast Don't Die

Riding The Twisting Digital Highways — a case study of how NotFoundBot helped Go Fast Don't Die recover lost sales.

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Web Traffic / Month
~40k Sessions
Recovered Sales

A potentially catastrophic broken link in Go Fast Don't Die's email campaign was seamlessley corrected in real time by NotFoundBot, transforming what could have been a disaster into a successful campaign with a 5% conversion rate and 24 recovered sales of $1998.

It's late at night, the office is quiet, and there you are, hovering over the "send" button for your latest email campaign. It's a moment you've come to dread and crave in equal measure—a single click that unleashes weeks of planning into the inboxes of thousands, where there's no going back, no matter how little (or big 😬) the mistake you might have missed. And then, amidst the silent drumroll of your racing heart, you press "send."

Hours later, the sun rises, and with it, the realization: a crucial link within your meticulously crafted message leads nowhere—a broken link, a 404 error, a digital dead end. Panic sets in, the blood rushes from your face. That link was the lifeline of your campaign, the path to conversion.

But then, amidst the chaos, a miracle unfolds. NotFoundBot, a silent watchman of your Shopify store, steps in. Unseen, it redirects those errant clicks, not to a page of apologies and funny images, but to the very place you intended your customers to go.

Your mistake becomes invisible, your campaign saved from the brink of disaster. And there it is—the beauty of NotFoundBot. It's not just a tool; it's your unsung hero, turning potential nightmares into unnoticed victories, ensuring that every story, even one that begins with a mistake, has a happy ending.

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Every click matters, every visit counts, and every error is a missed opportunity. Go Fast Don't Die, an apparel brand that epitomizes the thrill of pushing limits and the ethos of living boldly, encountered an all too common mistake. Their mantra, deeply rooted in the spirit of adventure and experience, met an unexpected twist—a challenge that NotFoundBot, with its innovative solution, salvaged an email marketing campaign which would have otherwise been marred by mistake.

About Go Fast Don't Die

Go Fast Don't Die isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle declaration. Originating from a cheeky alternative to the cautionary advice often given to motorcyclists, Go Fast Don’t Die evolved into a beacon for those who chase thrills, break boundaries, and live each day at full throttle. With approximately 40,000 monthly sessions to their Shopify online store, gofastdontdie.com, they have cultivated a dedicated community of risk-takers, adventurers, and experience seekers.

However, the digital world, much like the physical one, comes with its own set of bumps in the road. One such obstacle is broken links leading to the 404 error—a dead end that would have caused the visitor’s experience to come to a screeching halt.

What Happened

The pivotal moment came during an email campaign managed by a third-party agency. A broken URL somehow ended up in the email campaign that could have led to a complete loss of the campaign. With email there is no “undo” button.

However, Go Fast Don’t Die was using NotFoundBot. It's AI-powered auto-redirection turned what could have been a disaster into a triumph. The email campaign that garnered nearly 500 clicks to a broken link - was 100% salvaged by NotFoundBot automatically redirecting all of those visitors to their intended destination. The visitors didn’t know, Go Fast Don’t Die didn’t even know until they started receiving alerts for recovered sales.

Mistakes happen, unfortunately 404 errors will continue to happen. But having NotFoundBot in place allows us to turn errors into experiences - which is inline with our brand. I don’t know why you wouldn’t use NotFoundBot on your Shopify store.

Josh Law, Co-Founder of Go Fast Don’t Die

The Impact

The campaign, instead of floundering, achieved a 5% conversion rate, with 24 recovered sales amounting to approximately $1,998 in recovered sales.

A $27 monthly subscription to NotFoundBot recovered $1,998 in sales that would have otherwise not happened, a 7,300% ROI in a single month.