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What is a NotFoundBot Assisted Redirect?

Last Updated: May 15, 2024

NotFoundBot uses advanced AI to try to determine the intent of a visitor when they land on a 404 error.  This includes looking at where the visitor came from, where they landed, and where other visitors that landed on this particular 404 eventually end up going.

When NotFoundBot analyzes all of these things and determines with high confidence what we believe the intent of the visitor was, we perform an auto-redirect of the user from the 404 error to the page we believe they intended to land on.  When NotFoundBot isn’t able to do an auto-redirect with high confidence, it performs what we call an assisted redirect.

Take an example where a visitor clicks on a link from an external website that points to a product that is no longer carried and was deleted from the e-commerce store.

NotFoundBot Assisted Redirect

In this example where an auto-redirect is not done the visitor is directed to the 404 page.  The visitor is greeted with a chatbot that intelligently suggests items the visitor might have been looking for.  If none of the items are correct, the visitor can also choose to ask a question to help get guidance, such as “Do you have squeaker ball dog toys?”.  The chatbot will then use the store content to help guide the visitor to items that they might be looking for.

Why is this important?

74% of e-commerce visitors to a website that land on a 404 error page give up, leave, and never come back to the site.  It’s a lost sale.

With assisted redirection a large portion of those lost sales can be recouped.


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