Optimizing Shopify Collections Page for Great User Experience (UX) and SEO

Last Updated: June 7, 2024

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In e-commerce, you must offer an unmatched shopping experience to stay competitive. As a digital storefront owner, you must showcase your variety of products exceptionally to attract lucrative prospects and enjoy great results. If your store caters to diverse audiences with a vast selection of products, or deals in varied styles, the Shopify Collections Page is your key to success. It not only organizes your products but also enhances user experience, boosts your brand, and drives conversions.

This post explores the Shopify Collections Page and the harmonious balance between optimizing it and crafting a great user experience (UX).

The Shopify Collections Page: Gateway to a World of Product Selections

Imagine you own a physical store that houses varied collections of products. They differ in style, size, purpose, and more. Ideally, you will have sections or separate areas to keep them, right? The goal is to make them organized and easily accessible to visitors.

The Shopify Collections Page performs the same job – just for online stores. It lets you organize your product collections into classes or categories, enabling easier navigation, better visibility, and a remarkable buying experience for users. While the About Us page gives customers a flavor of the brand, the collections page goes a step further in imparting them a great shopping experience.

Organize your Shopify Collections Page Just as You would in a Retail Store

Drives Conversions

For an online seller with various products, the Shopify Collections Page simplifies the job by organizing your assortments. Your prospects can shop your collections conveniently, driving sales.

Offers a Great User Experience

Customers may find it overwhelming to search through various collections. Thanks to Shopify Collections Page, which organizes these items into appropriate categories. This lets customers easily navigate to desired products, imparting a great user experience. 

Boosts your brand

As prospects and customers find your collections page user-friendly, they will continue shopping in the future. Over time, the word about these easy-to-access features in your store will spread, and your brand will become popular.

Elevating Your Shopify Collections Page to a Rewarding User Experience

Your Shopify Collections Page is integral to promoting your product collections and making them more accessible to customers. These pages are primarily crafted to enhance the customer’s buying patterns by simplifying the process and imparting a gratifying shopping experience. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth journey for your customers.

A well organized Shopify collections page leads to a great user experience

Use a Shopify Search Bar

While customers may sometimes miss the default Shopify search results, a Shopify search bar within collections serves a greater purpose. It incorporates features of alternative phrasings and natural language attributes that generate results customized to users’ searches.

Enable Search with Shopify Collections

Search within Shopify Collections is a primary function that allows customers to search for products within the collection. This is a powerful feature as it simplifies the search process considerably, creating a great user experience.

Filtering and Sorting options

Include relevant search filters and sorting options. This allows customers to find products based on criteria like type, size, color, or similar. It simplifies their job and considerably reduces the time spent scrolling through an endless list of items.

Use simple navigation

Ensure that relevant headings and subheadings for products are consistent throughout the collections page. Menus and scroll bars are common in e-commerce stores, but they should not make the page daunting to users.

Enable breadcrumbs that let customers toggle between the main collections page, product pages, etc.

Leverage Social Proof

Include product collection reviews from other customers, ratings for your products, and testimonials on the Shopify Collections Page. This will considerably boost your customers’ trust and positively engage them with your brand.

Product Recommendations: Upselling and Cross-selling

Shopify Collections Page lets you personalize your customer’s journey. Based on their earlier purchases and preferences, you may recommend collections. Alternatively, leverage this opportunity to upsell and cross-sell other items similar to their interests.

Leveraging SEO to Boost Your Shopify Collections Page

To unlock the full potential of your Shopify Collections Page, it’s crucial to optimize it for SEO. This ensures that your prospects or customers can find it, and only then can they shop. By implementing these SEO best practices, you can significantly improve the visibility and performance of your collections page, leading to increased sales and customer engagement.

Use the right keywords in the page title

Keywords are integral to SEO. Include the right set of keywords in your Shopify Collections Page title. Limit the title to 60 characters. Mention keyword modifiers for secondary keywords.

Keep meta descriptions concise

Limit the meta-descriptions to 150-160 characters. Include keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing and place them naturally in the content. 

Use the main keyword in the URL handle

URL handle is the webpage address of your Shopify collections page. Make sure to include the main keyword in this URL. 

Add a collections featured image

Though a featured image doesn’t affect SEO performance, upload a clear, sharp, and optimized image for your Shopify Collections Page.

Improve the page loading speed

Keep your images compressed and define image alt text to ensure a good loading speed. This significantly improves user experience (UX).

Add a Shopify Collections Page

Log in to the Shopify Admin Account.

Create a Collection on Shopify.

  • Navigate to Products – Collections.
  • Click Create Collection.
  • Enter a title and description. Select a collection type.
  • Click Save.

Add Products to Collections on Shopify

  • Go to Products. Find your product.
  • Add the collection to the product.
  • Click Save.

Add Featured Collections to Shopify Pages

  • On the Shopify dashboard, go to Online Store.
  • Click Themes.
  • Select Customize your Live Theme.
  • On the theme editor, navigate to the Home Page.
  • Click Add Selection.
  • Choose Featured Selection.
  • Choose Select Collection.
  • Click Select. Add a title and description, and customize the grid layout for the featured collection.

Final Thoughts on Enhancing your Shopify Collections Page

The Shopify Collections Page is not just a tool, but a key to crafting a successful digital strategy. It empowers you to showcase your product collections in a way that boosts your sales, builds brand loyalty, and imparts a great user experience. By unleashing the potential of collections pages, you can take your storefront to the next level, and the results can be truly transformative for your e-commerce business.

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