NotFoundBot’s Road to Victory at the Sheridan Start-Up Challenge

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

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Hey everyone, we at NotFoundBot are thrilled to share some fantastic news! We were one of the winning teams at the 2023 Sheridan Start-Up Challenge. This event is a big deal because it’s not just about who has the best idea, but who has the potential to grow that idea into something real and impactful. It’s run by IMPACT 307, part of the University of Wyoming, which is all about helping businesses like ours get off the ground.

What Winning the Sheridan Start-Up Challenge Means for Us

Winning this challenge means we stood out among some seriously smart and innovative people right here in Wyoming. We worked hard, sure, but we also had a bit of that creative spark you need to catch the judges’ attention. The prize? A share of $100,000 in seed capital, which is a fancy way of saying “money to help your business grow.” We’re talking about the kind of money that takes a business from “Hey, that’s a cool idea” to “Wow, look at them go!”

A Community That Builds Up Its Entrepreneurs

What’s cool about this whole thing is that IMPACT 307 isn’t just throwing money at people and saying “good luck.” They’ve created a community that’s all about supporting each other. We got to work with some of the community, who have been around the block a few times and know what they’re talking about. They helped us polish our pitch and get our business model in shape.

The Next Steps for NotFoundBot

So, what’s next for us? This win is our green light. It’s time to shift gears and really get NotFoundBot rolling. We’re not just getting funds; we’re getting ongoing support to help us tackle the challenges ahead. We’ll be working on getting our product out there, getting customers, and growing our operations.

Sheridan Start-Up Challenge 2023
Sheridan Start-Up Challenge 2023

Inspiration for Future Entrepreneurs

We’re sharing our story to hopefully inspire others out there with big ideas. If we can do it, why not you? The Sheridan Start-Up Challenge is a yearly thing, and who knows, next time, we might be reading about your victory.

Join the Wave of Innovation

To all the young entrepreneurs out there: this is your sign to take that leap. If you’ve got an idea and the drive to see it through, go for it. Challenges like the one we just won are proof that good ideas have a place to grow here in Wyoming. So, take that step. Who knows, maybe we’ll be the ones cheering you on next!

From all of us here at NotFoundBot, thanks for cheering us on. We’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. Keep an eye on us – we’re going places, and we’re going fast.

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